The 2017 Golden Goblin Worlds of War (Army) Building Challenge

WoWDo you have a pile of boxes, full of miniatures, sitting on the shelve; a 1001 idea’s for a new army or warband; are you one of those people who got tricked into buying a game by an unnamed goblin just one time too often? The Worlds of War are here for you!

We challenge you to build, paint and play your unpainted games in just under a year. But that’s not all. We also give you the opportunity to have a taste of all those other Goblin flavours by joining a demo game by one of your fellow Gobbo’s

We have deviced a set of achievements to help you reach your goal. Every box ticked on the achievement list is a step closer to eternal glory!

Every Golden Goblin who would like to start a new game or just dust off one of those old projects. Every Golden Goblin who needs an excuses to finally get started on those long overdue models. Actually any excuse is a good one!

Starting on Thursday 2nd of February 2017 – Ending the night before Christmas*: 21st of December 2017.

Anywhere you dare to show up with your models. You can build, paint wherever you prefer. However some of the achievements require you to stop by our clubhouse on a clubnight. Please see the list of achievements below and keep an eye on our calendar for related events.

The Rules:

  • Build and paint enough models to teach your fellow Goblins the basics of the game of your choise. In other words create a demo package for the game of your liking.


  • What is WOW?
    The Worlds of War project is designed to give you a phased approach to build and paint one of those games you always wanted to do. It also provides opportunity to dip your toes in one of the games one of your fellow Gobbo’s have chosen.
  • What game is this about?
    There are a million possible worlds in the human imagination, as a wargamer, all these worlds are at war. Worlds of War is a phased approach to building, collecting and painting one of these idea’s. Whether this is a new and shiny boxed game or one of those forgotten classics. You might even be one of those mad minds that goes and creates his own :-). Even if you don’t feel like starting a new game, you can still participate by taking a different look at something you already play. If, for example, you’re only interested in Warhammer 40k, you could create a demo-kit for “40k in 40 minutes”.
  • Is there a model count?
    Well, lets be honest. No there isn’t, but you better make sure that your jousting game has kick-ass scenery, a very cool looking rulebook and such so you can compete with the others.
  • What are these achievements you keep talking about?
    A complete list of the achievements can be found below. You can also find every achievement on your achievement card. You will receive the achievement card after you enter the challenge.
  • How can I enter the challenge?
    Contact Ben, Guido or Koen on our weekly clubnights or send an e-mail to
  • I have more questions?!?
    Again, contact Ben, Guido or Koen on our weekly clubnights or send an e-mail.

This sounds familiar …
Well it should! It’s a rendition of last years ABC with another theme, but with the same spirit. So expect us to give you a hard time about the shame of not finishing, or worse, not competing 🙂

The Achievements!

    • Build the setting for your game (scenery, extra’s,…).
    • Build enough models for 2(+) players to enjoy a demo of your game.
    • Build 1(+) faction for 1 or more other WOW-er’s game(s).
    • Paint the setting for your game (scenery, extra’s,…).
    • Paint enough models for 2(+) players to enjoy a demo of your game.
    • Paint 1(+) faction for 1 or more other WOW-er’s game(s).
  • PLAY
    • Organise 2(+) demo’s of your game in our Goblin Lair and/or at a Golden Goblin Event.
    • Participate in 1(+) demo of one other WOW-er’s game.
    • Something fun has been organised/provided for the other WOW-ers.
    • I participated in 3(+) WOW-related events that weren’t demo’s (e.g. Painting Challenge, Speed Paint,…).