Kill Team Campaign 2018

For clarity, we will continue in Dutch! De Kill Team campaign van 2018 zoekt naar het beste Kill Team in onze club. Voor een keer geen narrative, of fancy extra rules. Gewoon de straightforward hack and slash. Deze campaign is open voor alle goblins en zal plaatsvinden van 2 december 2018 tot 31 januari 2019.… Continue reading Kill Team Campaign 2018

GG For Life 2018!

Fellow Goblins, Goblins might be greenskins according to some gaming companies and they might be greedy according to folklore, we are not. We are Golden Goblins with a generous nature and a tendency to have fun. December 2nd we will be hosting our second Goblins For Life event to collect money for charity, from 14.00h… Continue reading GG For Life 2018!

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