Captain Rackhams treasure. Part I: Accelerate extinsion

Dodo Catch them all!
A dark loomy inn. Captain Rackham might have spend a few nights here once they say. An old man with some clues, but witch old man? Maybe the innkeeper can be bribed to telling us.
“You are not the first asking me about that old man he says, let me tell tou what I told the others”.
Others? There are others? We must be quick then. Talk barkeep, or I will end you here and now!.
“Ok, ok no need to get frisky. I do know who might give you some information on Rackham’s faith, but I will require you to do something for me first”
Name your price!
“Dodo’s, he says excitedly. I’m in need of dodo’s for my yearly BBQ feast!” Oh and we might need some females to feed the kraken. Bring me enough and, IF!, to my liking. I will point you to the old man.”

Will you be able to satisfy the barkeeps dodo needs? Before someone else does? Find out in the first scenario!