The Golden Goblin Blood Bowl Association League Guidelines

GGBBAIn the year known to mankind as the year 2017 The Golden Goblin Blood Bowl Association, henceforth abbreviated to GGBBA, is created by the club shamans.
The association will be responsible for every Gobbo Blood Bowl related activity, like tournaments and (mini) leagues.

A set of small rules and guidelines to host your own Blood Bowl league within the Golden Goblin structure

To keep all “competition” Blood Bowl within the club fun for everyone and host related events, like play-offs.


  • Every Blood Bowl league organizer must register its league to the GGBBA.
  • Every organizer must submit the results from every game after each gameday. The GGBBA will keep a general overview of all results.
  • One team can only play in one league in one season! The GGBBA can decide on how many seasons each calendar year will have


  • Keep your own leagues small. This way managing stays simple
  • Decide league play days in advance. This way all coaches know when to bring their team and can plan ahead, for when they coach multiple teams