Golden Goblin Freebooter’s Fate Campaign: Captain Rackhams treasure

PS-528Pirate Ahoy ya pirate scum!! Anyone interested in a…., little quest? I happen to know of a treasure! And for a few pieces of eight and a tankard of ale, I just might tell you it’s tale!

A narrative campaign for Freebooter’s Fate! Will you take part in the legend of Captain Rackham and find the gold?

Assemble your crew! We will provide some narrative scenario’s for you to play in search of that legendary treasure.

Every Golden Goblin member with a Freebooter Crew!

Starting February 16th until the 6th of July 2017. Every first and third Thursday of the month are play nights (occasional exceptions may occur depending on number of weeks that month).

Our Gobbo lair offcourse!! What were you thinking?

The Rules
Arrr ya pirate scum! Don’t you try cheating me. If ya coin ain’t good, may Davy Jones have yer soul!

  • Every player starts with 200 doubloons to assemble a crew.
  • Each crew must contain 1 Captain & 1 Deckhand.
  • Starting crews must be submitted for review by email to or given to Sander before the campaign starts.
  • With exception to your starting crew, every other model can only be present in the game ones!
    • Extra models can be bought by paying their doubloon cost.
    • If another player allready has that model, you must bribe it to join your crew. The original player regains the doubloons spend on the model. However the cost for the model increases with 10 doubloons every time it switches crew.
  • Every unpainted model will start every game with a critical hit on a random location. So get your brushes out 😉
  • You must provide a small crew background before the start of the campaign. For every extra model you hire you will have to write a small background aswell.