There can be only one!

There can be only oneThe 2016 Ravening Hordes Army Building challenge is almost coming to an end. Time for a little round up and some more info for our Arena Of Death!

To broccoli or not to broccoli
The end is drawing near. December 22nd is only little over a month away. The last weeks we saw a lot of painting going on, people frantically trying to get those models painted. While some have allready painted their army and are working on the other achievements some haven’t even gotten all of their models yet.
The community out of the box achievement has given us some small digestions as army themed candy was being brought forth. We enjoyed a few games of Winterheim (Oldhammer meets Frostgrave) and we had a blast shooting real arrows at fake beasts. As winter dawns upon the lands, we warm our hearts by the heat of the painttable lights and get our blood pumpin with adrenaline as we enter our general in an arena of death.

Let the games begin!

As he entered the arena, he felt a chill along his spine.
Before he could take antoher deep breath they were upon him

The concept of the Arena of Death is simple. There can be only one! Battle Royal!
The Rules:

  • The size of the arena will depend on the number of competitors.
  • The arena is divided into a grid.
  • Competitors roll a dice in random order to get a grid number.
    • You deploy on your gridnumber, but atleast 8″ away from any opponent.
  • Every turn iniative is decided by standard Oldhammer 7th edition rules.
  • Movement, magic and combat follow the standard Oldhammer 7th edition rules.
  • Your general has to be fielded exactly as featured on your ABC Army list. Yes, we will check this!
  • Last man standing!
  • Keep it friendly and good old fun!