The 2016 Golden Goblin Ravening Hordes Army Building Challenge

Ravening HordesHear thee!!! Hear thee!!! I have come to announce the 2016 GGRHABC. The 2016 Golden Goblin Ravening Hordes Army Building Challenge!
Who is brave enough? Who dares to step up and take on the challenge? Who will tame the horde?
Will you succeed and claim honor? Or will you falter and endure some friendly mockery?

An Oldhammer Fantasy army building challenge. We challenge you to build, paint and play your army in just under a year.

We have deviced a set of achievements to help you reach your goal. Every box ticked on the achievement list is a step closer to eternal glory!

Every Golden Goblin who would like to start a new Old Hammer army or expand an existing army. Every Golden Goblin who needs an excuses to finally get started on those long overdue models. Actually any excuse is a good one!

Starting on Thursday 4th of February 2016 – Ending the night before Christmas*: 22nd of December 2016.
*or roughly the night before.

Anywhere you dare to show up with your army. You can build, paint wherever you prefer. However some of the achievements require you to stop by our clubhouse on a clubnight. Please see the list of achievements below and keep an eye on our calendar for related events.

The Rules:

  • Build and paint a legal 7th Edition Warhammer Fantasy army of 750 points.
  • When entering with an existing army no more then 200 points are allowed to allready be painted. Almost finished / allready finished armies are not allowed.
  • You are allowed more than 750 points, only the first 750 have to be legal.


  • What is ABC?
    The First three letters of the alphabet!
  • Stop joking around, what is ABC?
    Besides actually the first three letters of the alphabet, ABC stands for Army Building Challenge. This a fased approach to building, collecting and painting an army. Through a set of achievements you will, hopefully, have a painted army by the end of the year. Have we mentioned we like funny abbreviations?
  • Ravening Hordes?
    Ravening Hordes is the name of the books that used to contain all the army lists for your Warhammer armies. Us using it as part of the name is a big wink to yee days of old!
  • Oldhammer?
    Oldhammer is a generic term for older editions of Warhammer Fantasy Battles. In our case we use it to refer to Warhammer 7th Edition.
  • What are these achievements you keep talking about?
    A complete list of the achievements can be found below. You can also find every achievement on your achievement card. You will receive the achievement card after you enter the challenge.
  • How can I enter the challenge?
    Contact Ben, Allan or Koen on our weekly clubnights or send an e-mail to
  • I have more questions?!?
    Again, contact Ben, Allan or Koen on our weekly clubnights or send an e-mail.

The Achievements!

  • Play
    • Play your first battle!
    • Play three skirmish battles! Rules will be available upon demand.
    • Enter your general into an arena of death.
    • Play a multiplayer game.
  • Build
    • Convert a model for your army.
    • Build a scenery piece related to your army.
    • Build an objective marker for your army, must fit on a cd.
    • Build Parade Tile to show of your army. Max 24 X 24 inch.
  • Paint
    • Paint your general.
    • Paint a first rank. A rank is 5 models, Ogre Kingdoms are the exception with to many larger models and ranks of 3.
    • Speedpaint a champion. You have to be at the club for this one. Choose your champion model, you get 3 hours! Talk to Ben, Allan or Koen in advance. We will also organize a speedpaint evening or 2 to facilitate everyone.
    • 666!!! Have 666 points (or more painted). Paint the beast!
  • Out Of The Box
    • Do something related to your army for our little community.