The Jar-neyman June 8 2017

The Jar-neymen
We could write the same intro again, but you should know by now what this is about 😉

Morgan the Treeman
This great oak, isn’t just the first of the “Purple Wood Twerkers” to score a kill in Blood Bowl, he also makes a darn fine rabbit stew!

During the game against ork’s he didn’t just knock a goblin from the field; nor a simple orc. No this fine sample of the northern Mood Woods knocked a Black orc into the ground, revealing a marvelous trove of truffles for that rabbit stew.

When asked about his great deed Morgan simply said: “Thaaaaat Oooooorrrrrrccccccc haaaaad iiiiiiit cooooooominggggg” fortunately us Golden Goblins mostly live in Limburg and can understand the treeman with ease.

Kenneth the owner of the model can tell us this is a Willy Miniatures model and is quite heavy; has a lot of details like the Halfling about to be thrown.

I’m always’s wondering; how did he get into those pants”