Blast From The Past: Paint Challenge – Chick Challenge

Time for another installment in our blast from the past series! With another GGPC issued for 2017 we thought it would be fun to look back at some older paint challenges and to the very beginnings.

Back in the day we got inspired by the “Deus Ex Machina Chick Challenge”. We started having paint challenges in the club with the same basic idea as we still have today. At some point in 2003 we decided to expand our challenge and to actually participate in the “Chick Challenge” as a club. Boy was it fun to raise our brushes and have a club challenge with the IMMPS club from over seas!

Below we have made up a list of the past paint challenges and, where possible, added a link to the photoalbum. Even more below we have some old website screenshots, painted models, screens from Deus ex Machina and the like, everything we could find on the way back machine!

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