Ravening Hordes Army Building Challenge 2016: A final word

2017 Is allready half over, so it is time for a long awaited and a long overdue final word on our 2016 Ravening Hordes Army Building Challenge!

Strength in numbers!
We had 28 contestants taking up the challenge. Which is, even if I say so myself, more than what I expected when I first came up with the basic idea. I was pleasantly surprised by the regained interest of people in Old Hammer.

And fun we had!
In the course of one year build and paint an army, play with it and do something for the community. Those are in short what had to be done. Some of us managed to build an army, some to paint and some, 8!, even managed to escape broccoli doom. But, for me, what stood out was what everyone did for their community effort! From army themed candy and cookies to actual archery initiations!

As a round up, below you can find all the pictures we could bring together. If more reach us, we will update our album and they will appear below as well!