The Golden Goblin Paint Challenge 2018

Fellow Goblins,

Each year, we Goblins all do our best efforts on painting that one particular miniature. While one Goblin has to put in most of his efforts to just layer one color on the model, the other Goblin hacked it to pieces to reassemble something entirely new!

This year, we paint a magnificent user of magic, a wizard!
Not just a wizard, a wizard that you designed yourself!

We order the “Collegiate Arcane Mystic Battle Wizards” set from Games Workshop. (

Then we organize a Bitz Box Bash, where we all build or own wizard from the “Collegiate Arcane Mystic Battle Wizards” set. Feel free, but not necessarily, to take your own bitz from your collection to add that something ‘special’.

Every Golden Goblin!

The Bitz Box challenge will be somewhere in May.
Then you have time to paint te miniature until the Golden Goblin BBQ on 14/07/2018.

Of course! When completing the GGPC (Golden Goblin Painting Challenge) you will earn a beloved and most wanted ‘JOKER’!

Results of former GGPC’s can be found here for inspiration 🙂