Captain Rackhams treasure. Part X: It has come to this

This is it!
That was one big pirate. The way he took out those Armada with a single swing? Too bad they got their revenge in the end. We could have used a brute like that from time to time. I still can’t believe a cripple managed to avoid all those traps and take that perfect shot.

This must be the place, the warnings on the way down told us at least that. If we weren’t in such a hurry I would examine this place some more. It truly is quite the sight to behold. Like Shipwreck Cove, but different still. I don’t like these underground waters though. Who knows what horrors could be hidden beneath the surface.

Now, to find that treasure. If I were a low life pirate scum, where would I have hidden that so heavily guarded treasure?