The Jar-neyman June 22 2017

The Jar-neymen
Another week, another one hits the jar!

K1t 487
Ktyrion series 1 Servitors are atounomous walkers, perfect to carry out small tasks in dangerous (K1R) environments or transport heavy loads in difficult terrain (K1T). There are other more military configurations, but usually the K1 series is found doing civilian tasks and supporting workers in ports and mines.

K1t 487 is a promethium hauler designated to the task of recovering leaked promethium from damaged pipes and hauling it to Flag point Omega 874. When this Flag point was destroyed by an orbital bombardment K1t 487 and 5 other K1t units lost there bearing and started wondering their hive territory.

brzzk, brzzk, tuut, Errorrr 404

Guido the owner the model has had this “AT43 una fire toad” in his bitzbox for over 8 years now, always thinking it should find its way in to the collection as a non-military project. With the release off Shadow Wars Armageddon not only came a more defined look and feel for the model, but more importantly, a purpose, and with the speed paint all the pieces of the puzzle came together…

A great loss in the bitzbox, a fine addition to the collection