English or/of Nederlands?

Why is this site in English en niet in het Nederlands?

English or Dutch? Well, that’s a tiny bit complicated. Of course we all (most of us anyway) speak Dutch natively, but most wargames and wargame related works are published in the English language.

For starters, most rulebooks are in English. Some have Dutch versions of the rules, but in most cases a lot of the atmosphere gets lost in translation. When we compare “Melf’s Acid Arrow” with “Melfs Zuurpijl”, or read “Wand of Fireballs” in comparison to “Vuurballentoverstaf”, the Dutch translation doesn’t really have the same ring to it. Where the English one sounds mysterious and dangerous, and brings to mind scenes from epic fantasy movies or novels, the Dutch translation really sounds a bit like it can be found in a jar in a candy shop.

In addition, the wargaming community is a fairly international scene. As sometimes we have contacts with foreign clubs or game developers, English is usually the easiest way for everyone to understand what’s being discussed.

In the end, to be as open as possible towards the wargaming community at large, we chose to have most of the content on our website to be in English. For the Goblins, it’s actually all een beetje van hetzelfde, dus niets houdt je tegen om ons in het Nederlands te contacteren hè :-).

Kind regards,
Met vriendelijke groeten,