What we do

What’s this hobby all about?

All Golden Goblins regularly dive into the different worlds of tabletop wargaming. From HUUUGE battles to small skirmishes, played out with miniatures on large or small tables, with battle boards filled with realistic scenery like woods and rivers, buildings, hills, phone booths,…

So indeed it’s really more of a hobby than a game, since you need to paint your own miniatures, maybe even build some scenery, select your army, think of a strategy – and be prepared to throw it all overboard after the first turn of the game, because something went horribly wrong because your opponent made a move that you never saw coming.

But most of all, it’s about having a good time with friends.

Not everyone is as interested in all aspects of the wargaming hobby. Some Goblins really enjoy painting or building scenery, while for others it’s all about playing the game. Some of us even enjoy spending time maintaining our Golden Goblins club website…

What games do you guys play?

There are plenty of wargames and wargaming settings/game worlds around, and this world of wargaming is in constant motion as the hobby keeps growing. New tabletop miniature games and board games are being released all the time, especially since the growing success of crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter. This tidal wave of cool games is clearly visible on the battle tables in our club.

Warhammer 40,000 and Warhammer Fantasy are probably still the best known, but there are many, many other fun games to be found. To give a complete list would probably take us too far (but trust us when we say we can get “quite enthusiastic” on the subject :-P), so we’ll limit ourselves to a short, and obviously incomplete list of the games we have been playing over the last years:  

  • Warhammer 40,000 (40K),
  • Warhammer Fantasy Battles,
  • Warmachine,
  • Hordes,
  • Malifaux,
  • Freebooter’s Fate,
  • Lord of the Rings,
  • HeroQuest,
  • Descent,
  • Bolt Action,
  • Flames of War,
  • Bloodbowl,
  • Mordheim,..
  • …and many – many! – more.

In addition, being like really, REALLY enthusiastic about the subject we even created a few small games of our own design. As if there aren’t enough to try out already… Please check the Downloads section of this website if you’d like to learn more.