Who we are

Hi there, stranger!

We’re the Golden Goblins, a friendly wargames club from the lovely town of Hasselt (well known for its Dutch gin and plenty of shoe stores) in Belgium.

Our beloved Gaming Group was founded in 1997, when a small group of gaming buddies decided to throw some money together to buy ourselves a decent bunch of wargaming trees. A small gest that started a rollercoaster of hobbyism for many of us during all the years that would follow – a rollercoaster that still thunders on to this very day.

Since that fateful starting day we’ve seen our ranks bolstered by hobbyists and tabletop strategists from in and around Hasselt and neighboring towns/cities (and even other countries!). The Golden Goblins are a club by and for wargamers, and our goals as a club are really rather simple and straightforward:

  • We’d like to create a friendly and fun wargamers community for all people that might share our passion: wargaming with miniatures.
  • This community of wargamers should provide any member with at least a few sparring partners to get stuck in playing her/his favorite game. Because although as a club we like to organize things, we can’t cover every single base in the worlds of wargames – and that’s why we’d like to see our community function like a ‘sandbox’ environment where a lot is possible if members contribute to the Good Cause. So in a nut shell: ‘you can’ get stuck in, and ‘you can’ make things happen. So why not get things started?
  • Creativity is a big thing for many of our members. We like to build things. We like to write things. And we like to make things (up). Which means that some games are played straight out of the box, while other games might trigger bouts of creativity that have us end up with another crazy game variant, whose new rules might end up in the Downloads-section of this website. It’s all part of the same fun, really.
  • As a club, we’re part of a much larger wargaming scene. We find many different ways to stay in touch with, and reach out to the greater (inter)national community of wargamers. One of the reasons why we actually built this very website. But also an incentive for us to travel, and many a Goblin is an active online forum member, or has been seen visiting/ contributing/ organizing an event in Belgium or abroad.