The Jar-neyman May 18 2017

The Jar-nymen
In this weekly instalment we try to focus on a figurine that made your club day special in some way or another. Feel free to present your model of the day/match/game/battle at the counter on club nights and Ben en Guido will make a suitable article for it. Or at least try 😉

José Dolores of the Cazadok guard.
One of the deckhands of the great captain Leon searching for captain Rackham’s long lost treasure.

The only good pirate is a dead pirate

This “great” warrior earned the title as Jar-neyman, as he didn’t need one but three attempts to kill a defenseless little boat floating around. But in his defense he did get the job done in the end. To put it lightly he’s not that good at slaying sloops.

To honour José’s great feat Peter has pledged to give him what is coming to him…

He’ll be the first one I finish painting; soon…