Blast From The Past: Blood Bowl 1998!

88 mph
We are introducing yet another new topic! A few nights ago some of us were driving home after a clubnight and we had an epiphany once we hit exactly 88 mph (it could have been kmh 😉 )! Our website needs a blast from the past! We have been around for over 18 years now, so that means we have quite a lot of stuff laying around under an inch of dust somewhere. So why not dust it off a bit and share it with the world again!

Blood Bowl 1998!
With the founding of the GGBBA & the recent announcement of a new club Blood Bowl tournament and league, I thought it would be nice to take a look back to the early days of Golden Goblin Blood Bowl (or Blood Ball 😉 )

Below you will find a ruleset, some team rosters, some score sheets,… all from 1998. I’m surprised we managed to keep our squigs from eating all those papers!