The Golden Goblin Bitz Box

SpruesEveryone has some sprues and leftovers from previous projects laying around, gathering dust, and taking up valuable space in the model cabinet (“I just moved house. Feel my pain :-)”, Guido)

In ages past, we had this massive bitz box where members could get bits from this to that and which we could use to build scenery, use for side events and more!

It is finally time to dust it off and make good use of it again.

The Golden Goblins Club Bitz Box is an ancient treasure trove with all sorts of bits and pieces from ages past. Collected mostly by donations from Goblins whose eyes were bigger than their brushes.

The box is crammed with leftovers from, and a times even complete, sprues which we can use for events and projects.

It can be all sorts of stuff, we don’t discriminate, at least not on purpose. Shields, heads, weapons, skulls, bases, tombstones, unfinished projects, … All things mini-related that you are ashamed of, or willing to part with, can be donated to the Golden Goblin Club Bitz Box

The basic principal is as follows:

  • Donations to the bits box are donations to the club itself. The GGIC henceforth decides what purpose to use it for.
  • One of these purposes is a club project.
  • Another one is the Golden Goblins as a whole, all members in other words!
  • To smoothen things out there are some rules:
    • Donating is picking. If you donate to the bits box, that gives you the right to pick something out of the bits box, making it a bit of “what you give is what you get” kind of deal. If you don’t have any bits to donate, you could always make a small donation to Borry.
    • Our quartermaster will keep an eye on the trading.

Every Goblin can donate and, following the rules above, is hereby allowed to make a withdrawal for their own project.

Every club night that the Golden Goblin Bitz Box is present at the club!

At our weekly club nights (we are not taking our treasure trove to raids)

Not clear? Questions?