WOW Challenge: Egg-hunt!

WoW-Easter-EggTo all you Goblin WOW enthusiasts.
We are not talking about chocolate eggs hidden away in your garden nor are we implying that Goblins reproduce with eggs… No, we are referring to Easter eggs as Wikipedia states it: “an intentional inside joke, a hidden message, or a secret feature of an interactive work (often, a computer program, video game or DVD menu screen).”

It has come to our attention that the guidelines or the idea in general isn’t all too clear. Well, I hope this helps. If not, give us a shout ( and the WOW team will get in touch.

We challenge you to create something for another WOW project that reminds everyone of your own WOW project. This could be a model, scenery, scenario, art, …
Maybe you made a ‘Battle of the Bulge’ scenario for Freebooter’s Fate including your WWII WOW in someone’s FF game. Or as a Warhammer fantasy gamer you include a night goblin gladiator in Arena Rex. Or you make a small icy cave for someone’s Frostgrave table, in which you hide a barely visible frozen Space Marine… You get the idea.

Create your Easter egg and show it to the WOW administration before the end of the WOW 2017.

Every Golden Goblin, but when you’re actually partcipating in the WOW Challenge 2017 you get to check one of the “extra” boxes on your WOW checklist.

As mentioned before, from right now until the end of the WOW 2017.

Anywhere you dare to show up with your models. You can build, paint wherever you like. However the presentation must be done at a Golden Goblin club event (club night etc). Bonus points for posting it in the WOW section of our forums!

Still not clear?: