2018 BINGO Clarifications – FAQ – Errata

Bingo 2018
Our 2018 project Bingo is off to an amazing start! So we thought it about time to post some rule clarifications/FAQ/Errata! These are based on the questions we are receiving and at the concerns people are having. We would to remind everyone that the Bingo at it’s a core is a challenge, just like the ABC and WOW were. It is build so you can try something new, finish a project, do some crazy creative stuff, to go on an adventure! We refer to this all as “in the spirit of the Bingo”.

  • The joker per Bingo card is not a given. You can earn a joker by participating in some events like a speedpaint or a GGPC or…. We will announce these events in time.
  • Achievements with the following numbers (pre re-shuffle) are to be done at our clubnights!: 31-19-26-23-53-41-48-32-29-47-42-27-57-33-21-51-25-28-52-34-24-43-37-30
  • Accumulating achievements will be limited to 3 achievements. Some achievements are well suited for cumulative efforts. Some, in the spirit of the Bingo, were not meant as such. This means we will no longer (starting Monday January 15)  be accepting cumulative achievements of more then 3. We would actually like to encourage everyone to use as few combo’s as possible, 2 being acceptable in some cases, 3 in a rare situation.
  • Yves on #26, in the spirit of the Bingo, refers to our parttime bartender Yves. No exceptions!
  • #39. In the spirit of the Bingo, try to be creative. Some awesome examples already exist on the Hopper. Challenge accepted!
  • #36. The IT-Crowd is working on it to make it possible.
  • #20. Yes, you really have to leave the house for this one. Falling into repeat, but be creative! Omaha beach? A foxhole in the Ardennes? On top of a skyscraper? A museum? The bottom of a lake? You get the idea 😉
  • #54. A picture of your partner is not allowed. That would be a little easy now, won’t it?