The Golden Goblin Paint Challenge 2017

Fellow Goblins,

It has been a long tradition that, come springtime, we gather around and pick the finest of our models and the best brushes we can find to bring forth the best skills in our painting repertoire. To put it simple, we all paint the same model!

This year is a little different though. We didn’t just pick one model but two!

Everyone gets the chance to own a GGPC XVII button by painting up one of these models by the end of august. We will do one collective club order for these models in June! (more info via the usual channel)

You just paint up the model; converting the model is an option but definitely not a must. You might even integrate the model(s) in your WOW-project or WOW-sidedish.

Every Golden Goblin!

Starting in June; models should be done by the end of August.

Presentation of the finished models will be at our first weekly club night in September.

This is not a WOW-Project, but yes, you get a WOW-activity check for competing.


  • August? But what if the models only arrive by then?
    We are not that set on the end of august. If for some logistic reason we don’t get our models in time, we will postpone the end date accordingly

Results of former GGPC’s can be found here for inspiration 🙂