The Jar-neyman June 29 2017

The Jar-neymen
Another week, another one hits the jar!

Knifing Nena
Knifing Nena is part of the Acheron’s Blue Snakes, an infamous gang in the hive cities of Armageddon. When her gang wandered upon a rogue K1t unit during there last terrain sweeps they also stumbled upon a gang of Dust Stalkers and a band of Orks; all out for the same loot.

Nena wasn’t only the first to reach the K1t unit, but also after being blown off the machine by ork fire, she still was capable enough to charge the Dust Stalker leader, dodge 4 blows in close combat and deliver a smashing insult in return. Sadly the orks came nearer all the while and took control of the situation, ending Nena’s story a little too early. She will always be in our memory as the bitch who did it.

What are you supposed to be … A jedi in the 41st millennium??

Nena is a model from Guido’s Collection and is a Games Workshop Necromunda Esher ganger.
“I got this mini and the rest of the gang on a sweet deal a few month’s ago” Guido says. Currently she is one of the few models in my collection that is not painted by myself. I thought I had a big collection of Necromunda models but it turned out to be only a memory 🙂

She’s got a red mustache