Joining the ranks

Feel free to come and say hi, and come check us out before deciding if you want to join. It’s important to see if you like what we do – and how exactly we do this. If the answer is yes, we’re very happy to have you join our ranks. For 2017, our annual membership fee is set at € 15. As almost everywhere else our year does start in January.

Your Golden Goblin membership grants you access to our club scenery and gaming and crafting materials. Also, you can participate in the events like tournaments or campaigns we run from time to time (series of battles in which your forces or war bands can grow and develop, or bigger wars where each battle leads to conquering a larger part of a map). And Golden Goblins will pay less in case we organize an event where we need to request an entrance fee.

Sounds interesting? If you have any questions, feel free to stop by for a chat, or get in touch. We’re just a simple mouse click/key stroke away at

Hope to hear from you soon!